Join our Lichess Team

Saratoga Staunton Club

I copied what the the Skidmore Chess Club did, by forming a team on lichess: Every Sunday we will have a blitz (g5 – no dealy or increment) tournament automatic pairings by lichess join or leave whenever you like for 90 minutes starting at approximate 7:15. I check lichess daily and before our events for new team members. I challenge everyone who signs up to two casual correspondence games with the maximum time limit. You need to create a free lichess account before joining the team.

Get The Message Out!

I am trying to get this out to everyone who has internet access and wants to play chess on a regular basis with a local club. While everyone is welcome, my goal is to let players from local clubs stay active by playing each other. I am trying to get the local club players from the capital district who have played each other over the board or might do so in the future to join our club.

Future Plans

I have no idea how long it will be before we have our regular in person meetings again. I am looking into other things that are possible online such as rated tournaments and team battles.