Saratoga Staunton Chess Club

Welcome to the Staunton Chess Club

We are a small chess club that meets every Sunday night from 7 to 10 (or often closer to 7:30 to 9 ) at the Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church 175 5th Av Saratoga Springs, NY.

Activities and tournament

Every Fall after our annual meeting we have a club championship tournament. We also may have other events during the rest of the year. When we could not meet in person we formed an online club: It is currently inactive but you can still join. For more information about the club (and any comments about the website or blog), you can email us at

To keep with chess in the Capital District:

If you use,, you can sign-up for the capdistchess mailing list. We also try to keep our guide to information about chess in the area, Where To Play Chess In The Capital District, up to date. Check it out (and notify us of any errors.