Agenda for 2019 Annual Meeting

  • The minutes for last years meeting are online at They will be updated when the full minutes are found.
  • The proposed agenda for this years meeting is
    1. Finding and reading last years minutes
    2. The Treasurer’s report
    3. Electing Officers
    4. The Club Championship and if there will be changes to entry fees, time limits, etc.
    5. The Bi-Laws Committee
    6. Capital District Chess League
    7. New Business
      • to old members through email or postal mail, as we haven’t had a mailing in a long time.
      • Having an online tournament of some kind to encourage players who don’t want to play rated games or would like to take more time. Notably, some of the online sites like started out as club sites.
      • Developing and maintaining the club’s web presence through our MailChimp mailing list and the club website at
      • if we can do anything for local scholastic or college players.
      • Should we have a blitz, quick-chess, or other events?
      • Should we limit the nights for tournament play leave some club meeting open for other activities?